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Virtual Role Play Self-paced, Online or Blended

More than ever before, employers want people who have good team skills, the ability to lead when necessary and ability to recognize interpersonal dilemmas and resolve them. Employers want people with experience. Watch this brief video to see how SimuLearn uniquely provides years of experience in just a few hours.

Recognized by The Academy of Management, The American Society of Training and Development and Training Media Review SimuLearn has the products, backed by globally recognized research, for those developing courses, those needing to augment their courses or those making their courses meet changing accreditation and business needs. Our products offer:

  • a reduction of your effort as an instructor through technology.
  • a safe environment to try new behaviors/approaches and techniques.
  • a dynamic environment recreating the nuance and complexities of real conversations.
  • practice of research-based theory in increasingly complex situations.
  • proven course material from 45 minutes to over 20 hours
  • blended, self-paced and online deployability.

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