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Is your class Chat GPT-proof?
Use educational content that works with AI instead of against it.
OpenAI is causing seismic waves in the educational community. But SimuLearn's products are 'ChatGPT-proof'. In fact we might even go as far as to say students might be encouraged to use AI assistants so they can learn how to apply knowledge in our scenarios.

Turn Homework into the Active Component
of your Class
vLeader Lab Edition
Leadership is a 'language'. Learn to explore it, safely.
Learning to use vLeader is the education
It's easy to think vLeader teaches learners how to succeed in case situations but as an athlete repeats an activity to build muscle memory, vLeader develops demands the learner repetitively think about their communications skills. The result being they are more effective at persuading, motivating and influencing others.
After a short while, evidence of this shows up in real life where learners recognize they are thinking more about how to communicate with others in more effective ways.
How It Works
Growth in vLeader is growth in emotional intelligence
vLeader challenges the emotional intellect of the learner and pushes them to develop it in increasing more challenging situations. In a class of 50 students you will effortlessly administer 100's of role-playing sessions where every student develops the experience as a leader. We even give you tools so you can show class and individual growth.
Why it Works
Experiential Learning
The biggest challenge in leadership development is getting the learner to adopt new behaviors in their real world. vLeader starts that process immediately.
Unconsciously Incompetent
The individual is unaware of their ineffectiveness and subscribes to the Self-serving Bias (their success is due to their actions, their failures due to others' actions)
Consciously Incompetent
vLeader exposes inexperience by immersing the learner into situations challenging their innate reaction. The learner is forced to decide if they want to solve the problem.
Consciously Competent
Over time, the learner develops their resilience and begins to be more intentional in communicating in ways that develop relationships and commitment.
Unconsciously Competent
vLeader develops a mental thought process through practice and repetition. The learner finds their innate skills have been enhanced through this process.
Available Modules
We connect research-based theory to application in a series of modules. Start with one and keep growing.
  • Intent-based Communication
    The basis of our success is recognizing the intent we, and others, are using when we communicate. In this entry-level module, the learner gets to grips with both using and listening for intent.
  • Group Dynamics
    Develops the learner's ability to connect their communications to the different stages of team development and ultimately to facilitating group decision-making.
  • Leadership Styles
    Develops awareness of how the assertiveness of your communication impacts outcomes
  • Opportunities in Crisis
    Learn to turn dark storms into silver linings by taking a team from crisis to discovering and agreeing to opportunities than now exist.
  • Conflict in Teams
    Develops the learner's ability to consider their level of cooperativeness and assertion and how that manifests as different modes of conflict resolution.
About SimuLearn
When a game developer and a business executive got together they asked a simple question: "If computer games can create bad behaviors, could they can also create good behaviors?"

What we produced was a 'deep dive' into turning an individual contributor into a leader using the most powerful method of learning available - experiential learning. We did it using scalable, affordable, customizable technology so we could help the people entering and performing at the lower end of the organization, turning the organization into a more agile, customer-focused, employee engaging profit machine.
Why SimuLearn Works
It's only when you are challenged to change how you think that you have a chance of developing new awarenesses and thought processes.
  • Mental Agility is Key to Effective Leading
    The agile leader is able to quickly adapt to a new situation. The struggle in vLeader is the struggle people have with themselves to overcome their own resistance to change. It's the critical first step in becoming a better leader.
  • Personal Development needs a Safe Place to Fail
    No one likes to try something and fail, but especially in real life. That's why training fails, because it teaches you what to think and asks you to risk it all in real life. It means the literature gathers dust on the shelf. vLeader is a safe environment designed to let you learn from your failures without the collateral, real life damage.
  • Repetition in Critical Thinking changes Behavior
    Like an athlete, leaders need to build the muscle memory necessary to make new behaviors intuitive. vLeader works on that process from the start, and means the education is almost immediately applicable in real life.
  • Personalized Coaching accelerates Development
    vLeader is just a simulation. It isn't real life. It just simulates the behaviors leaders must address. Whether in corporate or academic life, discussion with an educator or coach can accelerate your real world effectiveness. vLeader provides that educator the information necessary to make that happen.
Books and videos teach you about leadership.
vLeader challenges you to communicate intentionally and use more effective leadership behaviors.
Learner Benefits
In a few hours, a learner will be a more experienced leader using our challenging, intelligent avatars in situations people find themselves in daily.
Communicating Clearly
vLeader will fundamentally change how you think about communication, the base skill of any leader, making you more intentional and more aware of interpreting others intent.
Developing Win-Win Outcomes
Life is complex and nuanced, vLeader pushes you to see the forest for the trees and helps you recognize how to get to better outcomes
Getting Commitment
vLeader pushes you to recognize the signals and generate buy-in and commitment from others in a multitude of settings.
  • Dr. Mark Wesolowski
    Professor, Miami University
    The experience my undergraduate students get from vLeader has helped them interview for jobs more effectively.
  • Dr. Ethlyn Williams
    Professor, Florida Atlantic University
    The new version of the simulation has enriched the application of concepts for students. My teams really benefited from the practice of leadership in the simulation in guiding their interactions
  • Dr. Virginie Kidwell
    Professor, North Texas University
    I have not found another simulation which allows students to experience concepts such as emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, communication, power dynamics and informal influence. Once you learn how to use vLeader, you will never go back.
  • Dr. John Stark
    Professor, California State University
    Given class sizes, it's not practical to role-play the skills in class, but vLeader lets each student try things out on their own, multiple times, and get great feedback on their efforts
  • Martyna Jacenko
    Graduate Student
    I have greatly benefited from the simulation in two ways. I saw how a leader can build his/her trust capital to influence followers; I realized that in leadership a "pause, plan and reflect" is important to be effective.
  • Alison Murphy
    Executive MBA Student
    The software was better than role-playing because it was much less intimidating and avoided all the awkwardness of someone pretending to be someone they aren't. It allowed me to learn techniques for managing without authority and developing the thought processes necessary to do that in real-time.
How it works
vLeader provides the experience.
You help students grow from that experience.
Self-paced Activities
Learner works as self-study, homeworks study, or online study within assigned module.
Educational Insight
Prior to deadline, learner is provided with helpful advice, and connections to theory.
Learners discuss their challenges, trade-offs, growth and real-world applicability with each other.
Activities are auto scored, so all you have to do is grade discussions.
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